It’s Not Until the Camera Zooms in That You Can Truly Understand Why Teen’s Flag Is Famous

A teenage boy’s school project is going viral – and it’s all for the right reasons.
Whether we like to admit it or not, most teenagers today would rather spend their free time chatting with friends online, surfing the Internet, snapchating or playing video games than work on their homework or inform themselves in regards to what’s going on in their country.
But it would be unfair to say that all teenagers are the same. Some young men and women have grown to become responsible citizens and are preoccupied about the problems fellow American citizens have to face.
Jacob Feazel is definitely one of them. So when his teacher assigned his class a project that was all about patriotism, he decided to push himself and create something extraordinary. And he surely managed to do so through his one-of-a-kind American flag.
From a distance, it looks like an ordinary flag, but it’s anything but ordinary. You see, Jacob spray painted no less than 4,466 toy soldiers red, white and blue before placing them on a 4-by-6 wooden platform.
The result is truly a work of art which not only got Jacob an A, but it also made him Internet famous. Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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