Nobody believed her when she told her friends her twins do THIS at bedtime, so she recorded it

The fact that twins share a special connection that is visible from day one is no longer a surprise to anyone. Twins like to do everything together, especially as children. From the minute they wake up to the minute they go to sleep, twins like to spend most of their time together.
The busy mom in the video below found a clever way to use the fact that her twins like to do everything together to her advantage. This smart mom managed to get her twins to bed at a regular hour each night by relying on the fact that they like to copy each other’s behavior and actions.
Now, all mom has to do is tell her boys that it’s bedtime and the two immediately put themselves in the crib and even tuck themselves in. I bet most moms out there who will watch these kids go to bed will definitely be jealous. After all, it’s usually not easy putting kids to bed, especially when we’re talking about young children the age of these twins.
Have you ever seen children who were so well-behaved when it comes to going to bed? It doesn’t get much adorable than this!

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