Newly Adopted Daughter Gets 1 Gift from Family That’s Putting Internet in Tears

One of the best things about the winter holidays is that feeling that nothing is out of reach. The magic we all feel during this time of the year gives us hope that all our dreams and biggest wishes can come true.
It’s a feeling the family in the video below experienced as well. The family’s adopted daughter had a big wish set for this Christmas, but although she has definitely hoped for it to come true, she never expected it to happen.
You see, during the time spent in foster home, the girl had formed a deep bond with one of the girls there. In fact, the friendship between them two was so great that the girl thought of her as her sister.
So for Christmas, the adopted girl’s parents thought that the best gift they could offer her was to fly in their daughter’s former foster sister and surprise her with the news. The girl’s reaction as she gets to hug her friend proves it was the best decision.
Christmas is a time best spent with loved ones, so this is definitely the best kind of surprise to get for the holidays. Take a look:

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