You have never seen a portrait of Kevin Hart like this before

A-list celebrities like Kevin Hart are pretty used with fans constantly drawing portraits of them to showcase their love and appreciation. While the gesture itself sure is nice, not all the portraits are actually good enough to stand out.
Well, that’s certainly not the case when it comes to Allan Pachino’s work (yep, that’s he’s real name). You see, this talented man from the Bahamas uses salt as his paint and a basic dark surface as his canvas to create one-of-a-kind portraits of people.
This comes to show that a true artist really doesn’t need sophisticated tools and materials to create something beautiful. What truly matters are their creativity and ability to put their vision into something tangible.
Most of the portraits Allan creates are made using only salt, a few brushes and a piece of cardstock. The artists using them to move the salt around the surface until it turns into recognizable facial features of those whose image is trying to recreate. Once a portrait is done, he typically takes a photo of it before gathering up all the salt for his next project.
The amount of details that he manages to recreate is truly incredible. This is him creating a portrait of comedy start Kevin Hart.

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