All you need to know about Apple Iphone 7! Prices and specs!

The launch event of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has ended. In terms of prices, iPhone 7 Plus starts at 769 dollars for the 32GB version. 64GB version does not exist, but we have new 128GB and 256GB versions. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can be pre-ordered on September 9 and arrive officially on sale on September 16.

Retina display of the new iPhone has HD resolution that promises a better brightness by 25% than the previous model.

iPhone 7 is resistant to water and dust, which is the main reason why Apple dropped the classic 3.5mm audio output. Classic port to connect headphones represent the main area through which water can reach internal components.

Apple changed the primary button, moving to a system with haptic feedback, you may refer to different levels of pressure and react, aided by iOS 10 in various ways. It can be used for messages, notifications and various other facilities.

The camera received a new sensor, 12 MP lens and uses a 6-cell and an aperture f / 1.8 that brings light to the sensor sufficient to increase the quality of images taken in low light.

The claim that Apple made with the iPhone 7 are enhanced in real time based on information from the sensor and using an artificial intelligence system.

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