Mother horse depressed when foal is stillborn, Vet devises plan that’s lighting up the Internet

Few emotions are as intense as the love a mother feels for her child. From the moment that child is born, he or she becomes the most important being in their mom’s life and it never stops being this way. Sadly, though, tragic things can happen that can dramatically affect this bond.
Such was the case of the mare in the video below. The female horse is a retired show jumping horse who found herself in a difficult labor and was excruciating pain trying to give birth to her child. Luckily, horse fertility specialist Dr. Patrick Brogan found out about her situation in time to rush over and help out.
Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do to assist with the deliver and the horse named Zindita ended up losing her baby. The loss really took a tool on Zindita and her human caretakers were expecting the worst.
But then, Dr. Patrick received an unexpected call. Believe it or not, the doctor was asked to assist with a case in which another mare named Tolanda had shockingly passed away right after giving birth to her foal. The doctor immediately thought of the call as a sign to bring Tolanda’s foal and Zindita together. And here is what happened next:

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