Mother hires repairman to fix her furnace but what he wrote on the bill is unbelievable

A repairmen went above and beyond his job description to help a military mom of two, and now his kind gesture is going viral.
With her husband serving overseas, Bridget Stevens got used to taking care of small repairs around the house herself. But when the furnace inside her home broke, she knew she needed to take care of the problem fast, as the temperature in her home dropped to only 15 degrees.
The woman called Betlyn Heating and Cooling in Pennsylvania, and a repairman named Paul immediately got to her home. Because it was such an unexpected problem, the mom was a bit short on money, but knew she couldn’t keep her kids in the cold for too long.
As Paul worked on her HVAC, he got to learn more about her and about her family situation. He found out her husband was deployed in the military and fighting to protect the country, so he decided to do something to help mom out and show appreciation.
Paul is actually the owner of the company Bridget called, and had the authority to give her a special discount. According to the receipt he gave her, the amount she had to pay for his services was of only one dollar.

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