Some of the best memories from my childhood involve my pet childhood pet. My dog Rufus was my best friend. We just had so much fun together, and I can’t imagine growing up without a pet. But pets aren’t just for fun and cuddles.

They actually teach kids important lessons that helps them turn into loving and caring individuals. It helps them build self-esteem and confidence. It makes kids more patient and more understanding. What’s more, it teaches them to be more responsible. Also, dogs can be a great way parenting tool for instilling a sense of equality and justice.

Also, kids who grow up with a pet are healthier and more sociable. There are a lot of wonderful benefits that come with growing up with the pet. When children have a dog, they don’t just have a pet with whom they can play with— they grow up with a best friend. And that is something invaluable.

The video below does a great job showcasing just how special and wonderful it is when kids grow up with a pet. It’s an incredible thing to witness how pets and kids bond with one another. Make sure to share this with all of your other pet-loving friends.