Mom Starts To Record 2-Month-Old, Then Baby Stuns Her With His First Word

On average, babies say their first words around the age of one. It’s an emotional moment that all parents look forward to, but for one lucky mom, that moment came a lot sooner than expected.
Samantha Jones was on Snapchat, talking to her friend and showing off her adorable 2-month-old son, Christian. The baby was sitting comfortable on the bed while his mom was playfully speaking to him. The woman was hoping to get a few smiles out of him, and even a giggle or two. But she got a lot more than that!
Samantha asked Christian if he could repeat the word “hello.” Knowing that babies don’t typically start speaking earlier than 6-months-old, mom expected a gesture, or her baby making a sound at most.
But believe it or not, the tiny baby boy responded with a clear, audible, exquisitely enunciated, “Hello.” If the moment wouldn’t have been captured on video, mom would have surely thought she was imagining the whole thing.
Luckily, the baby’s first words were captured on video, and will clearly make for a beautiful memory mom can look back at and smile. It doesn’t get much more adorable than this!

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