Mom Sets Up Camera When Teddy Bear Keeps Disappearing. Captured Footage Is Hilarious

All dogs have a favorite toy. Some like the ones that squeak while others could spend an entire day chasing after a ball. And the dog in the video below? Well, he just loves his, big, fluffy stuffed teddy bear.
The pup doesn’t go anywhere without his beloved toy – and that includes his kennel. Getting the teddy bear to fit into his kennel, however, was a pretty big challenge.
As you can imagine, it’s wasn’t easy for the dog to get a toy that is twice the size of his kennel to fit in there with him, but he somehow managed to do it.
The determined pup kept pulling the bear in from all angles until he finally managed to squeeze him in there. And although it sure looked very crowded in the kennel with the teddy bear there, the pup seemed pretty pleased with his achievement.
His owner who watched the whole operation from a distance captured everything on clip as she could barely keep herself from laughing out loud. And, luckily, she decided that her dog’s antics deserve to be shared with others!
There is no shortage of dog videos online, but this one is a must-watch!

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