Mom Records Baby’s 1st Bubble Bath, Doesn’t Anticipate Capturing Footage She’ll Never Forget

Taking a bubble bath at the end of a long work week is one of the best ways to relax – especially if you have a nice glass of wine by your side as well. And for babies, bath time is an amazing opportunity to bond with his parents and have fun with all the bubbles and toys.
While some babies don’t enjoy bath time all that much, for the adorable infant in the video below, taking a bath is nothing less of a soothing, relaxing ritual that also cracks him up. In fact, it’s one of the baby’s favorite activities.
In all fairness, the baby’s parents have perfected the art of turning bath time into one big playtime session and distract the baby with a wide array of toys and nice-smelling bubbles. And the baby definitely seems to love it, as he is all smiles throughout this clip.
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