Mom purchases conditioner but doesn’t use it just for her hair. Here are 10 unexpected uses

Hair conditioner is a beauty essential, but did you know that there are many different ways you can use it that don’t involve it going anywhere near your head? That’s right, as it turns out, hair conditioner offers a lot of extra benefits in addition to making your hair silky and smooth.
For instance, you can use hair conditioning instead of your regular shaving cream. Just like shaving cream, it will provide a layer of protection for your skin as to prevent unwanted cuts and scratches.
Another cool way you can use hair conditioning is to freshen up your sheets. Everybody loves the smell of fresh sheets, but no one really has time to wash them every single day, right? Nor is it economical to do so.
So how can you enjoy that nice scent without wasting time and money? It’s simple! Squeeze a dab of conditioner into a spray bottle filled with water, shake it up and spray it all over your sheets. You can also use this with your towels to enjoy that fresh smell for longer.
Want more tips like these? There are plenty more in the video below, and they will all help you save valuable time and money!

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