Mom Prepares to Bury 10-Ounce Baby. 12 Years Later, Daughter Looks So Different

Eric and Tammy Koz were a young couple in love, and like many people who love each other, their biggest wish was to start a family and have a baby together.
However, Tammy was diagnosed with lupus, a disease that unfortunately dramatically increased her chances of having a miscarriage. Still, she hoped for the best and when she got the news that she will finally become a mon, she tried to be as optimistic as possible and put her faith in God’s hands.
Sadly, the baby girl Tammy was carrying in her womb was not developing at a normal rate, and at 19 weeks, doctors told her she can choose to deliver her baby, although there would be little chances the girl would survive.
Tammy refused and wanted to give her baby girl the best possible chances for her to survive. After talking to the doctors, they decided that the best option would be to wait until Tammy was 27 weeks pregnant. Even so, the baby’s chances of survival were minimal; only 5%.
Little Zoe weighed only 10 ounces when she was born, which means she wasn’t much bigger than a tall can of soda. But Zoe proved she was a fighter. Here’s how she looks more than 10 years later.

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