Mom gives stillborn baby one last hug. Doctors are shocked when baby comes back to life

Are you the kind of person who believes in miracles? Although most people would classify them as being pure fantasy – something our brain creates to deal with certain situations in life – it’s hard to say miracles don’t exist once you take a look at the video below.
The Thai commercial you are just about to see is inspired by a true, documented event, and it will send shivers down your spine. The clip starts with two beautiful babies laying together in their crib. One of the babies is active and crying, while the other is still and quiet. The next scene reveals one of the infants looking a little blue.
Then we see the devastating mother picking up her stillborn child and crying over her infant. It’s a heartbreaking scene that unfortunately takes place in real life as well.
When everybody is getting ready to give up, the baby’s mother is the only one left fighting for her baby. She knows deep inside that her baby is struggling to survive. And after holding him in his arms, something incredible happens.
This commercial is a great reminder of just how powerful the love of a mother for her child can be.

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