Mom Gives Birth To Healthy Twin Boys, 2 Decades Later Realizes Hospital’s Huge Mistake

These two sets of identical twins in the video below share an incredible and perhaps unprecedented story that could easily be used as the script for a big Hollywood movie.
It all started more than twenty years ago when all of the four babies were born at the same hospital in Columbia. The four baby boys were handed to their families, but here is where the unbelievable part kicks in.
Instead of giving each one of the two brothers to their families, the hospital somehow switched the brothers between them. So the brothers given to each one of their families weren’t in fact brothers but complete strangers. Their families ended up raising one of their biological son – and a baby who wasn’t in any way related to them.
Still, all the boys grew up as brothers, but 25 years later, the truth was revealed. Curious to find out how did the brothers found out the truth and what were their reactions? Well, in this case, make sure to watch the report in the video below. It’s filled with unexpected details and turns of events that will make you feel like you’re watching an episode from a soap opera, and not a reporting of true events.

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