This Mom Gets Creative to Make Her Son Eat His Vegetables

What was your favorite thing to eat when you were a kid? Was it pizza? Cheesy fries? Ice cream, maybe? Well, if you were like most kids are today, then it sure wasn’t broccoli, cabbage, or anything green, really.
Most kids don’t like vegetables in general; that’s just how it is. However, any responsible parents knows that fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy, balanced diet that offers kids all the nutrients and vitamins they need to grow up. But that doesn’t make it any easier for parents to get their kids to eat their veggies. As far as kids are concerned, it simply doesn’t make any sense to eat carrot when you could have cookies instead.
Like most parents out there, Laleh Mohmedi was struggling to get her child to eat healthier. She was slowly running out of ideas on how to convince her son to start to love healthy food.
Looking at the food she was offering her son, Laleh realized it was missing something. That was the fun factor. So she decided to change the presentation to make healthy food fun for her son Jacob.
The mom really taps into her creative side to get her son to try new foods and actually enjoy them. The woman does an amazing job turning avocados, whole-grain waffles, bell peppers, and many other healthy staples into incredible works of art that will definitely blow you away.
That’s how her Jacob’s Food Diaries Instagram account came to life. Her follows, who are getting more and more by the hour, can take inspiration and recreate the dish designs to impress their kids, or anybody else, for that matter.
Here are some of her creations:












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