Mom caught her son holding his baby sister, the song he sings to her is going viral

The video below captures a beautiful moment between a brother and his baby sister, and it’s definitely something that will make you smile. Being a big brother is not always easy at first, especially for toddlers.
The arrival of a new baby brother or sister often comes with a big change, and big brothers and sisters don’t always know how to react to this change. They often feel threatened by the new baby who takes up a lot of attention from mom and dad.
But once they understand the baby is the newest member of the family and what is their role in all this, toddlers take their part very seriously. It’s the case with the boy in the video you are just about to see.
The way he treats his baby sister is sweet and gentle. He likes to hold her and even sing to her to let the baby know just how much he loves her.
This has to be one of the most precious videos to surface the Internet in a while. If you know someone who might appreciate this video as well, make sure to share it with them as well.

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