Mom Asks Daughter Questions, But Her Response Every Time Sends Mom into Fit of Laughter

Generally speaking, a baby will usually start talking during the first two years of life. At first, it’s just random sounds that slowly turn into words which later turn into sentences. The first “mama” or “dada” usually occurs within the first six months, and from that point on, babies tend to pick up more words from their parents and other people around them.
However, at one-year-old, which is the age of the adorable little girl in the video below, babies still have a pretty short list of words they can use to communicate and express themselves. And sometimes that leads to some pretty hilarious events.
And hilarious is definitely a word that can be used to describe what is going on in the video below. It all starts with mom confronting her little girl about a naughty thing she did, but mom’s scolding soon turns into laughter. That’s because of how the girl responded to every single question her mom asked her.
No matter the question, the little girl used the same word to answer, and it’s something that will definitely put a smile on your face. There’s no way to stay mad at children when they are this adorable, am I right?

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