Mom Has 1 Shot to Save Family. When Steve Hears Answer, His Reaction Has Crowd in Hysterics

If you are one of the millions people who tune in to watch the popular game show Family Feud, then you definitely know that the show just wouldn’t be the same if hilarious Steve Harvey wouldn’t be the host of it.
In addition to his charisma and incredible sense of humor, Steve’s witty comebacks and hilarious reaction make him perfect to be the host of a show like Family Feud.
That being said, Steve’s experience and talent as a comedian definitely come in handy in situations like the one captured in the video below as well. It all started when Steve asked the member of one family competing in the show to name a word or phrase that starts with ‘pot.’
The first responses were pretty clever and straightforward: potluck, pothead and potpie. But when it was time for the fourth member of the family to name a word, hilarity ensued. Let’s just say this family member didn’t do so well under pressure and ended up saying something that left the audience, as well as Steve Harvey, laughing out loud.
To find out what it was, check out the video below. You’ll get a good laugh out of it!

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