Mike Tyson knocked out by tiny pink hoverboard

The hoverboard is definitely one of the coolest things today. Many of us have dreamed about having one ever since the movie “Back into the Future” was released, and now it’s finally possible to have one of your own. Everybody from kids to adults and even some seniors find it hard to say no when it comes to taking a ride on one of these hoverboards.
Well, while they are sure a lot of fun to ride, it’s not always easy to do it right. It can take some time getting used to, and you might end up falling on your back if you don’t take enough time to figure out how to ride it.
It doesn’t matter if you’re just a regular Joe or Mike Tyson, you can end up on your back if you don’t pay close attention. Don’t believe me? Well, then just take a look at the video below.
The clip shows Mike Tyson himself taking a ride on the hoverboard he bought for his daughter as a present. Although his daughter tells him to be careful because she doesn’t want him to fall, that’s exactly what happens next. Take a look:


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