Meet Smoothie, The World’s Most Photogenic Cat

How many tries do you need until you finally take a selfie you’re happy with? If you’re anything like the 99% of the world (supermodels not included), then you probably need a lot of them. Well, there’s one cat out there that never takes a bad photo.
Smoothie is getting plenty of love and attention online, and it’s all because she is extremely photogenic. Smoothie might sound like an unusual name, but it’s actually the perfect name for this cat because she is a blend of so many different beautiful features.



The beautiful British Longhair definitely knows how to pose for the camera. The fact that she has a pair of incredible green eyes and soft, caramel fur also helps. This cat doesn’t have a good angle because no matter where the camera is, Smoothie is still going to look great in the photo. So every angle is basically her good angle.
The cat feels extremely comfortable in front of the camera and doesn’t need much convincing when it comes to taking part in a photo-shoot. If you ever tried taking pictures of a cat, then you know how hard it is to make a cat look straight at the camera. Cats are stubborn, it’s part of their charm.



Getting back to the point, Smoothie’s natural good looks has attracted quite a following on Instagram. The feline’s account has 124k followers (and counting). No surprise there! We are a society obsessed with image and taking photos.
I wonder how it feels to never take a bad picture or have to worry about other people seeing a bad photo of yourself. Man, I bet it feels good. Take a look at these photos and do your best not to get jealous at a cat.




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