Marine Asks Buddy To Watch His House While Away – Discovers His True Intentions Months Later

It’s not uncommon for people to ask their neighbors and friends to keep an eye on their properties and make sure everything is ok while they are away. But what happened to this Marine after he asked his buddy to watch his home while he was away is anything but common.
Marine Master Sgt. Jacinto Bernardo had bought the home with his wife, and although the house wasn’t much when they purchased it, he knew that in time he could fix it up. But when Bernardo returned from his trip, his home was unrecognizable.
You see, the friend whom he asked to watch his house had decided to give him the surprise of a lifetime. The friend, Jeremy, first met Master Sgt. Bernardo when they were in boot camp together two decades ago.
Knowing how much Bernardo wanted to provide a better home for him and his family, Jeremy remodeled his entire home using money from donations. Bernardo’s reaction when he got to see his new and improved home for the first time is too good for words to properly describe.
What an incredibly generous and loving gesture his buddy Jeremy did, right? This type of kindness deserves to be shared.

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