Man Yells into an Empty Field, Seconds Later Internet Gasps at “Herd” Running Toward Him

It never ceases to amaze me just how close animals and humans can become. And I’m not just talking about dogs and cats here; humans can connect with all kinds of animals, even wild ones, as this clip clearly shows.
Over the years, the man in the video below named Darrick has formed a deep friendship with each of the elephants in his care at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. Although Darrick treats all elephants with the same care and attention, he’s developed a particularly special friendship with an elephant named Kham La.
In fact, the two are best friends, and have a special way of communicating that doesn’t require words to be efficient. The man says he is confident that the elephant understands him and that he can feel his presence, even from a distance. And to prove it, he showed the world just how quick the elephant responds to him calling it via video.
Watching the elephant’s reaction, I think it’s safe to say Kham La has become attached to Derrick and that he’s extremely excited every time his human friend stops by the park to see him. Watch their heartwarming reunion by hitting the play button below.

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