Man Witnesses Mom’s Treatment Of 13-Year-Old Disabled Son, Must Step In And Take Action

A local businessman’s kindhearted gesture is going viral, and it’s all for the right reasons.
It all started with an unlikely encounter between two strangers. Business owner Stephen Paternoster and Christine Guerra-Candelaria, a single mom raising a disabled 13-year-old boy who goes by the nickname Superman met by accident.
But when Stephan learned the family’s full story and all the struggles they’ve been through, his heart was touched forever. The man immediately knew that he found out about them for a reason and decided to do something to significantly change their lives for the better.
Stephan has seen Christine struggling to lift 70 lb. Matthew into her van several times, so he thought that the best way to help her and her son was to give them a handicap accessible van that would make life so much easier for them.
The van is going to help them get around every day a lot easier. The clip below captures the moment Stephan offered Christine and Mathew the van as a gift, and their reactions are likely to bring tears to your eyes.
The man’s incredible thoughtful and generous gesture definitely deserves to be shared, don’t you agree?

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