Man thinks he can handle pain of labor, barely lasts 20-seconds before begging for it to stop

Giving birth is often described as one of the most beautiful and emotional moments a woman can experience in her lifetime – and the most painful. The thing is, the pain is so intense, there no words to accurately describe it to others. Only women who’ve experienced giving birth to a child naturally knows how it feels.
It’s a sensation only women can experience, and for some reason, that made the man in the video below curious enough to want to try and experience the same kind of pain a woman feels when she goes into labor.
Let me tell you right now; that was a decision he regretted making as soon as the pain started to kick in. With the help of a special machine that stimulates the pain of childbirth, college student Johnny Wade in Tennessee got to find out just how much a woman suffers during labor.
The machine works based on a set of electrodes that attach to the lower part of a person’s stomach. The one manipulating the machine can alter the intensity of the pain, on a range from one to ten. For this experiment, Johnny was determined to go all the way and experience the highest level of pain.
Take a look:

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