Man Spots Elephant Charging Towards Him. Footage Captured Moments Later Has The Internet Baffled

The wilderness is a place where the unexpected is to be expected. You just never know what it’s going to happen next and what dangerous animal is going to come your way. Alan McSmith, a wilderness guide, tracker and public speaker was exploring a trail in the wilderness when a huge elephant started charging towards him.
Most people in his condition would have just dropped everything and started running as fast as their legs would carry them. But then again, most people don’t have Alan’s 30 years of experience exploring the wild African terrain.
So instead of panicking and making any sudden moves, the man knew that the best way to respond was by standing still and remaining as calm as possible. What happened next is downright incredible. The man’s calming energy diffused the dangerous situation, and everyone walked away unharmed.
If the elephant would have felt threatened or agitated, it could have all ended a lot worse, despite elephants not being aggressive animals.
While this is not the standard recommended procedure for these types of situations, there is no denying the fact that this was the best possible outcome of Alan’s encounter with the elephant. Take a look:

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