Man Scatters Grandma’s Ashes, Then He Sees Object In The Water And Immediately Jumps In

Not many people would put their own life at risk to save that of a complete stranger, nevertheless an animal, but that is exactly what the young man in the video below did, and now the story about his incredible, kindhearted gesture is going viral.
The man was by the water in Melbourne, Australia, scattering his grandmother’s ashes as she wanted when he noticed something strange in the water.
At first, he thought it was some sort of debris or object, but when he took a second look, he realized it was actually a small dog that was fighting not to drown.
The dog had ended up in the water after taking a walk with its owner on the pier on a windy day. The dog was literally blown off the pier in gale-force winds, and would have most likely lost its life if the man hadn’t jumped off the pier to rescue him.
Luckily, both the man and the dog made it out of the cold water alive. As you can imagine, the dog’s owner couldn’t have been more regretful towards the kinds stranger who rescuer her furry little friend.

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