Man is reported missing in woods. Then special camera captures his dog protecting him

We all know that famous say that deem dogs as man’s best friends, and what’s going on the video below only comes to support that belief.
Martin Kay was out on a walk with his dog in a forest when he unexpectedly got trapped in a muddy bog. The 67-year-old did his best to free himself and get out. However, because he was deep down in the bog, he was unable to do so. Realizing that there’s no way to free himself, the man started to shout hoping someone could hear him and come rescue him.
But because it was a pretty isolated area, there was no one around to hear him yell. The only one there was his faithful dog Holly Blue, a black Labrador.
As captured on a police special camera, the dog never left her owner’s side throughout the time he spent in the bog. And although she couldn’t do much to help, the man said that just knowing that he wasn’t alone gave him hope and made the whole situation a little more bearable.
Luckily, it all ended well for the man and his dog. A friend of Martin’s called the authorities after he noticed the man was missing for a few hours.

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