Man Purchases Old Secretary Desk At Auction, Unaware There’s A Huge Secret Hiding Within

After he purchased an old secretary desk at an auction, the man in the video below was thrilled to look at it from every angle and go through every drawer, check its every corner and really discover it in detail. But he never imagined to find a small fortune in one of the desk’s drawers.
Yet that is exactly what happened. Believe it or not, the man found no less than $100,000 hidden inside the desk for which he only paid $40. The reason no one else noticed the money before was that they were placed out of sight, and if Phil hadn’t decided to take the desk apart to refinish it, he most likely hadn’t found the money either.
Seeing the piles of cash, Phil thought his eyes were playing tricks on him, but once he convinced himself that wasn’t the case, he went looking for an explanation. Most people in his situation would just have kept the money and went on with their lives, but Phil knew it wasn’t the right thing to do.
So he returned to where he had bought the desk from and told the previous owner what he found inside. Phil quickly found out that the person who owned the desk before needed the money more than he did. Here’s why:

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