Man Proposes To Six-Year-Old Girl And It’s Actually Inspirational

At first glance, a 37-year-old man proposing to a six-year-old girl is not only disturbing but it’s also illegal. But before you guys jump to any conclusions and make the wrong assumptions, you should know that there’s more to this story than first meets the eye.
You see, the groom in the video you are just about to see is actually proposing to his six-year-old step-daughter. In a ceremony that took place in Brazil, the man got down on one knee and asked the little girl if she agrees to be his child forever.
The man knew that he is not only making a vow to the girl’s mom, 27-year-old Nicole de Souza, but also to the little girl herself. So he decided it would be a great idea to make the girl feel more included in ceremony, and reassure her of just how much he loves her.
The little girl started crying when the groom asked her the question, but she stopped crying for long enough to give him a clear, heart-felted answer. And the answer was, of course, “Yes”!
You can watch the entire touching moment right here. You might want to grab a box of tissues while you are at it!

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