Man lives in a 160 sq. ft. shipping container. Step inside and prepare to be amazed

When it comes to homes, I think you and me can both agree that size matters. Chances are that most of you reading this wish you could live in a bigger home. After all, more space usually comes with increased comfort, more amenities and a smaller chance of you and your significant other arguing about what to watch on TV.
Well, as it turns out, not everybody needs more space to be happy. The man in the video below is perfectly content living in a home that is only about 160 sq. ft. In fact, his home is actually the same size as a shipping container!
Believe it or not, shipping containers are rapidly gaining in popularity as an alternative housing solution for people looking for a more minimalist lifestyle. These containers can be purchased and turned into a stunning home for a fraction of the price of a regular house.
They might look small from the outside, but a home like the one shown in the video below can actually sleep up to four people. What’s more, they come outfitted with all the amenities one needs to live comfortably.
Would you consider living in a home like this?

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