Man Hits Record To Sing ‘Somebody To Love.’ His Haunting Rendition Has The Internet In Chills

“Somebody to Love” by Queen is quite probably one of the most famous songs ever recorded. Written by the legendary singer/pianist Freddie Mercury, the song was featured on the band’s 1976 album A Day at the Races.
The song that has clear gospel music influences will always remain as an important part of musical history, and there is no denying that this musical masterpiece just wouldn’t have been the same if Freddie Mercury hadn’t been the one performing.
Mercury’s voice is and will forever remain unmatched, but the talented singer in the video below managed to do the song justice. Marc Martel is a young singer, and a huge Freddie Mercury fan.
He admits having spent hours and hours in a row listening to Freddie’s live performances and trying to mimic his style as best as he could. There will never be another Freddie Mercury, and Marc has no ambition of being compared to the famous singer.
He just wanted to pay tribute and honor his idol by recording his own version of “Somebody to Love”. And I think you’ll agree that he managed to do a pretty good job. Check it out and don’t forget to share!

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