Man Hasn’t Worn Anything but Shorts Since 1987. Reveals New Look That Has Everyone Going Wild

Going shopping for clothes is a fun, enjoyable experience for most people. There’s nothing that can make you feel brand new faster than a new outfit. But for the man in the video below, clothes have never meant much to him. He never enjoyed going shopping for clothes, nonetheless think how to style them.
That’s how he ended up pretty much wearing shorts all the time He even got married in shorts! In fact, according to him, he hasn’t worn any other kind of pants since the late 80s. That’s a long time, considering how fast fashion changes, and the man was long due for a makeover.
He finally agreed to one when challenged by the producers on the Rachael Ray show. The team of stylists there really put a lot of thought into his transformation, and the final result is definitely something you need to see to believe.
It’s incredible how much of a difference for the better new clothes can make! If you love a good makeover, then this is the clip for you. And if you were as surprised as we were by the transformation, please share it with all of your friends and family as well.

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