Man Films Fin Pop Out of Ocean. The Next Moment Goes Instantly Viral

Humpback whales are spectacular, and getting to see one in her natural environment is quite probably one of the best experiences ever. So it’s really not a surprise that so many people regularly go whale watching in the hopes of getting to experience this.
However, if you have ever went whale watching, then you know it can get pretty frustrating after you’ve spent hours and hours staring into the ocean without spotting as little as a fin. But it’s all worth it if it means you get to see incredible scenes like the ones captured in the video below.
The footage was captured off the shore of Mbotyi in Pondoland, Eastern Cape province, South Africa by a small film crew. They were scuba diving in the area when they noticed several humpback whales nearby.
Hoping to get a few of them on video, they returned to their small inflatable boat and took out their cameras. That was definitely a smart move, because the footage they managed to capture is downright breathtaking.
It’s very rare that people manage to capture the beauty of humpback whales swimming in their natural environment, so getting to watch this is definitely a privilege nature has given us.

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