Man buys old, abandoned double-decker bus, converts it into a stunning mobile home

When Adam Collier-Woods first saw the double-decker bus that he now calls a home on eBay, he immediately knew it was a diamond in the rough. The bus was on sale on eBay because it was in pretty bad shape. But Adam knew he could do something to restore it to its former glory and turn it into a stunning mobile home for him and his family!
So, as soon as Adam received his bus, he immediately started working on it. He didn’t quite know how it will end up looking, but he was determined not to abandon this project. It wasn’t easy, though.
That’s because the bus turned up to be in much worse shape than he initially anticipated. The windows were leaky and the floors were mostly rotten, but that didn’t stop Adam from carrying on with his initial plan.
Piece by piece, the man started to take apart the bus and so it began its transformation. The entire process took a lot of patience, creativity and lots of attention to details, but it was all worth it in the end.
Now, the double-decker looks nothing like it did when Adam first saw it. You won’t believe the transformation!

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