They made Christmas lights honoring our soldiers, the song choice they made is now going viral

Christmas is just around the corner, and you know what that means! Time to take out your Christmas lights and start putting together an action plan on how to decorate your house for the holidays.

Decorating your home for Christmas is one of the best parts of winter, and many homeowners like to go all in and really splurge on their Christmas lights. The more the merrier! You know what they say, there can never be too many Christmas lights, right?


Well, decorating your home with lights sure is fun, but the owner of the home in the video below made this activity more meaningful with an impressive light show set to Lee Greenwood’s famous song, “Proud to Be an American”.


This homeowner in Florida wanted to pay a tribute to all the fallen soldiers who lost their lives fighting for their country. And since it’s the holidays, a time when many soldiers are away and cannot be with their families as most of us are able to, this message really strikes a chord.

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