Looking for Chicken Bone Broth Recipes? Here’s The Best One

If you haven’t tried chicken bone broth so far, now is the time! It’s not only extremely delicious, but it also has extensive benefits that impact the entire human body. There’s a reason why food bloggers, wellness sites, and overall trendspotters rave about this.
You can purchase it from store, but the best way to make sure only high-quality ingredients are used and thus experience the full benefits is to make it yourself. There are many chicken bone broth recipes out there, but we think we’ve found the best one.
This is the only recipe you’ll need to master to include chicken bone broth in your diet.
Here’s what you’ll need:
3 liters of water
one chicken carcass,
3 large carrots,
3 celery stems with leaves,
one white onion,
flavored herbs to taste,
2 tablespoons of apple vinegar,
one tablespoon of salt
Cooking instructions: Put the water and the two tablespoons of vinegar in a large cooking pot. Add the chicken to it. Cut the carrots, celery and onions in large pieces and add them after you have finished foaming the meat. Leave it for an hour, remove the bones, remove any remaining pieces of meat and add it to the pot again.
The next step is to add the salt and the aromatic plants, before reducing the fire to a minimum and let it boil for at least 14-16 hours (preferably 20-24 hours). It’s important to always check the water level. Clarify the soup, let it cool down, and you’re done. You can serve it right away, or freeze it for later use.
Try this, and your search for the best chicken bone broth recipes will be over!


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