Lone Officer Begins Singing Beloved Christmas Classic. Footage Is Lighting Up the Internet

Singing carols is one of the best ways to get into that perfect Christmas mood, and the Internet is flooding with people sharing their own renditions of some of the most beloved holiday songs. But maybe you wouldn’t expect these to come from members of the police force.
Well, the police officer in the video below recoded himself perform “O Holy Night,” and the footage went viral. The clip was recorded in Portland, Maine, and shows officer Jeremy Turner singing in the middle of the beautifully-decorated city center. The twinkling lights and snowy surroundings made for the perfect setting and it was definitely the perfect place for such an impromptu performance.
The officer was inspired to start singing by the beauty of the season, but never expected so many people online to be touched by his heartfelt performance. However, that’s precisely what happened and his clip ended up being watched by thousands of people.
It’s always a pleasant surprise when police officers show us a different side to themselves that we are not used to seeing all the time. So make sure to pass this all along to all of your friends and family online.
Thanks for watching!

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