He loads a truck full of dogs and takes them to the beach. WATCH what happens next!

Dogs are awesome! They can instantly make you feel better with their contagious optimism and the way they seem to be able to enjoy and appreciate every new thing they get to experience.
Even when you’re feeling down and like all your troubles are about to overwhelm you, having a dog to cuddle next to and play with can give you a new perspective and make you realize your problems are not actually as big as you thought they were.
Dogs appreciate every fun thing they get to do, even if it may seem meaningless to most of us. To them, a day spent at the beach is a major opportunity to be happy, soak up the sun and just be free. After all, life is better at the beach, right?
The dogs (and the adorable cat) in the video below love going at the beach every chance they get. These images were shot in Australia, but the happiness they convey has no borders. The dogs clearly have no worry in the world while they are running on the beach, feeling the soft sand beneath their paws.
If you need something to brighten up you day, this is the video for you.

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