Little Sister Warns Everyone to Get Out Cameras, Turns Around and Gives Them a Show They’ll Never Forget

Attending a wedding ceremony and being a part of a couple’s union is pretty exciting, especially if you are a younger child and the person getting married is your sibling. That’s why Savannah, the girl in the video below, decided she wanted to do something special to thank her big sister getting married for allowing her to be a part of her big day.
She wanted to give a toast that sister Christina will remember for the rest of her life in relation to her wedding day. And she knew that words somehow wouldn’t be enough for her to express everything she wanted her sister to feel.
Instead, she put on a show that left everyone in awe. Despite feeling extremely nervous to perform in front of her sister and all of the other guests, Savannah managed to deliver an unforgettable show.
With no backup music, the girl surprised everyone with an original rap set to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Savannah rapped about her relationship with Christina growing up, their childhood, and the fact that there’s an age difference between them of sixteen years.
This is definitely one of the best wedding surprises we’ve seen in a while!

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