Little Girl Blows Santa’s Cover, And Has the Internet Losing It in Laughter

With just a few weeks until Christmas, most of us have already started thinking about how we’re going to spend it, with whom, and what kind of presents we’ll find under the Christmas tree.
We all hope that Santa is going to be generous and bring us lots of presents, but some are a bit skeptic when it comes to how exactly will the Big Man in Red manage to bring everyone a present in a single night.
The adorable little girl in the video below is one of them. Now, you have to know that Mila does believe in Santa, but she can’t quite wrap her head around some of his habits and can’t help but be a bit skeptical about this whole thing.
For instance, she’s doesn’t understand how Santa “sees you when you’re sleeping” or how can he know “when you’re awake,” and her concerns are not so far-fetched.
You have to admit the thought of someone watching you while you sleep is a bit creepy, even if that someone is Santa Claus. This girl might be young, but she has a lot of sass. You can watch all of her hilarious comments about Santa’s “questionable” habits in the clip below.

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