Little Girl in Agony After Salon Visit, By The Time Dad Realizes Hotel’s Fault It’s Already Too Late

Getting sick while on vacation in a foreign country is a nightmare, especially when there are kids involved. The Gulliver family had looked forward to their trip in Egypt all year long. But what was supposed to be relaxing vacation full of pleasant memories turned into a horrifying experience that scarred the youngest member of the family for life.
It all started after the little girl went to the hotel’s in-house salon and spa wanting to get a traditional henna tattoo. Thinking it was just harmless fun and trusting the hotel’s 5-star standards, the girl’s parents had nothing against the girl’s wishes.
But after getting her henna tattoo and retuning back to her room, the little girl began feeling ill. A few days later, the girl’s entire arm with the tattoo was covered in painful blisters, and no one had an explanation to it.
Unfortunately, because of the blisters, the girl will permanently have scars on the affected arm. Now, her parents want to warn others to pay extra attention and think twice before trusting the services provided at hotels, shops and other tourist attractions when travelling.
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