Little boy struts on the dance floor and steals the show [Video]

Some people seem like they are born to be on stage and entertain others. The little boy in the video below is most likely one of them. While most kids his age are too shy to go anywhere without their parents, the boy acts like an experienced entertainer who knows how to work a crowd like no other.
The boy was attending a wedding with his family when his favorite beat came on. The boy took the middle of the stage and started dancing with the charm of a professional salsa dancer. The boy has the swag you would expect to see at a man who has had his fair share of experience with the ladies.
Not intimidated by the fact that his dance partner is a lot older than he is, the boy totally dominates the dance floor and everybody else just can’t get enough of his moves and attitude. He has the confidence normally reserved for people well into their adult years.
There’s no way of knowing what the future has in store for this talented young man, but he could definitely purse a career in the entertainment industry if he wanted to.

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