This little boy and his duck have been together since they were babies

Many babies don’t want to go near the bath tub if they don’t have their toy rubber ducks with them, and many kids consider them to be their best friends. Well, the little boy in the video below named Tyler is also best friends with a duck, only his friend is actually a real-life duck named Beaker.
In fact, the duck won’t go anywhere without his loving friend! The two go on walks together, play together, and even take naps together sometimes. Tyler is almost two years old, so he’s at an age when he needs constant supervision and attention. And Beaker is happy to help his parents out by keeping an eye on the energetic little boy.
The two met when Beaver was just a duckling, and they hit it off immediately. And although a duck might seem a strange choice for a pet, Tyler and his family can’t imagine life without their playful companion.
Seeing Beaver and Tyler play together, there’s no denying the two are a perfect match. It honestly doesn’t get more adorable than this. Take a look and don’t forget to share it with all of your friends and family online.

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