Little boy couldn’t stay awake, Santa plays along for the best Christmas photo ever

All kids look forwards to that moment they get to sit in Santa’s lap and tell him all about all the wonderful gifts they are hoping to get on Christmas Eve.
But for younger children, all that excitement can sometimes be a tiresome affair. The adorable six-month-old in the video below was looking forward to meeting the famous man in red, but after waiting in line for an hour with his parents, the boy understandably got a little tired and fell asleep.
By the time it was his time to sit with Santa, little Zeke was sound asleep. But Santa didn’t want him and his parents to have waited in line for nothing, so he helped them create a memory they will never forget.
Santa didn’t want Zeke’s parents to wake him up, but ensured the boy will rest assured on Christmas Eve knowing Santa got to meet him. How? Well, Saint Nick pretended to snooze while holding the baby in his arms for a photo shoot that is sure to put a big smile on your face.
This is one Christmas photo that will be hard to beat! Go ahead and take a look:

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