Lightning strikes hiker and nearly kills him, but his loyal dog saves his life

A devoted dog named Rambo saved his owner’s life by taking the brunt of a bolt of lightning that struck them — though sadly, it cost the sweet animal his own.

Rambo  had been out for a climb with proprietor Jonathan Hardman and a couple of companions on Mount Bierstadt in Colorado throughout the end of the week when a tragedy struck from above. After the group reached the summit and began their descent down the mountain, a thunderstorm overtook what had been calm skies overhead.

A lightning bolt had struck the group.

That wasn’t the worst of it, however. Jonathan’s faithful German Shepherd, Rambo was slumped over the shoulder of one of his frambo_dogriends. Rambo had taken the brunt of the lightning strike and had passed away. If it wasn’t for Rambo being next to Jonathan when the lightning struck, Jonathan would’ve passed on.

Rambo saved Jonathan’s life, and Jonathan will forever be thankful. Watch this video and Share this amazing story!

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