If you light a match and burn a bay leaf, here’s the surprising effect it has

You’ve probably heard about bay leaves before. These leaves are used as an ingredient in many dishes, some of which you may have even tried yourself. Many people used this herb on a constant basis, mostly as a spice.
But did you know they have way more benefits that just adding flavor to certain recipes?
Few people are aware of this, but bay leaves have actually been used in the alternative medicine for centuries as a remedy against a wide array of ailments. In fact, this herb was considered to be sacred by the ancient Greeks and Romans.
You see, the herb contains essential oils which are known to have a soothing effect on the body and mind when you burn them. If you live a lifestyle that is stressful and you often feel overwhelmed like many of us do these days, then burning a bay leaf can have a surprisingly beneficial effect.
The smell will instantly calm you down and you’ll start feeling more relaxed and calmer. All you have to do is simply light a single bay leaf in an ashtray and leave it to burn for about 10 minutes.
The room will be full of fragrances that will instantly soothe you down and reduce your anxiety. Give it a try!

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