A koala gets kicked out of his tree but his reaction? I can’t believe my own ears!

Koala bears might seem all cuddly and cute, but the truth is that fights over territory can sometimes get pretty violent in the animal kingdom. Regardless of what Disney may tell you, not all animals get along perfectly all the time.
The video below shows a heated argument over territory taking place between two Koala bears and the images might come as a shock to everybody out there who think that all Koala bears do all day is cuddle and complement each other’s fuzziness.
Now I don’t want you to feel like that time you first found out that Santa Claus is not real and that your parents are actually the ones buying all the gifts, but it’s important you know that Koala bears are wild animals that don’t make for good pets and who sometimes act according to this description.
I don’t know about you, but this is my first time hearing a Koala bear make this terrifying sound. There are no proper words to describe the sounds that come out of his mouth, so you’ll just have to watch the video below.
Hope you won’t feel the need to cover your ears watching this video.

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