Her kitchen cabinets were covered in greasy film. Here’s how she uses oil to clean it

Whether we like it or not, we all have to clean our homes on a regular basis. And unless you can afford to hire a maid, that means you have to scrub and polish until you can scrub and polish no more.
Kitchen is a particularly difficult room in the house when it comes to cleaning, mainly because grease tends to build up on the kitchen cabinets. The grease accumulates over time, making it extremely hard to remove.
If you’ve ever had to deal with this problem, and chances are you did, then you know that even special cleaning products can fail to do their job sometimes. What you’re left with is a rather oily cleaning cabinet that looks and feels as if it hasn’t been clean in ages.
Well, that will no longer be a problem if you take a look at the video below. You’ll learn a cool trick that will help you take care of cleaning your kitchen cabinets a lot faster. The trick involves using an unexpected ingredient that you probably already have around your home but had no idea it can be used this way.
This is definitely something I wish I knew sooner.

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