Organization Inspires Kids to Mow Lawns for Those in Need

Most teenagers would only agree to mow the lawn of their house in exchange for an increase in their allowance. Not to mention doing it for their neighbors, especially if they were asked to do it without getting anything in return.

But if the video below is any indication of the truth, things can change. All we need to be better and be willing to help others without asking for anything in return are positive examples.

Rodney Smith Jr. is definitely someone who is setting a positive example while empowering change. The young man challenged himself to cut 100 lawns for single moms and the elderly. It all started in the winter of 2015 when he saw an elderly man cutting grass. The man looked like he was struggling, so Rodney just thought it was right to do something about it.

What started out as a personal challenge soon became a calling for Rodney. Now the young man inspires others to do their part through his Rising Men Lawn Care Service. The organization is meant to teach boys and young men the values of hard work and the importance of helping their community.

Everybody needs to see this!

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